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FishAlert - Real-time security protection

The browser installs the "FishAlert" plug-in to protect your Internet security in real time, actively check the access address, identify risky domain names, and be your Internet security gatekeeper.

Free download and install, free to use
Support Chrome, firefox, QQ, 360, Safari and other mainstream browsers
For support and assistance, please contact us: [email protected]

Quickly identify address risks, take a quick step in prevention, and keep risks out of the door

Quickly identify and communicate risks before you interact

Installation and use

1、Download and install the plugin
1) Select version
a. Google plug-in supports chrome, safari, QQ, 360 security, 360 speed and other browsers
b. Firefox plugin supports firefox browser
2) Download plugin (2 ways)
a. App store download and install
Google Chrome App Store: Click to view
Firefox App Store: Click to view
b. Download and install the plug-in file (if you cannot access the app store, you can choose to download the plug-in file and install it)
2、Plugin usage
Method 1: Access address check
After installing the plug-in, when your browser accesses the address, FishAlert will actively check whether the address is at risk, and if so, it will warn you
Method 2: Select words with the mouse, query domain name risk
·Select the domain name
· Right mouse button, click "Search domain names with FishAlert real-time security protection"
· After the query, go to FishAlert to check the domain name check result